European Capitals of Culture 2025

Across members include engaged in the two European Capitals of Culture ( two universities located in and highly ECoC) of 2025: Chemnitz and Nova Gorica (together with Gorizia). Through this unique constellation, Across will use their involvement in and the Momentum of the ECoCs to promote societal and business engagement for the whole alliance. This will be achieved by disseminating and expanding our cross-border cultural and artistic activities within the ECoCs to all cross-border regions of the alliance.

Cross-border Engagement Centers

To physically ground the places of cross-border engagement Centres in the cross-border regions, Cross-border Engagement Centres (CBECs) will be established in the highly frequented areas of the
city centres of the cities of four-member universities. Building and expanding upon the idea of living labs.

University Business Gateway

The European Cross manifold cooperation with business partners in cross -Border University will combine the -border contexts into a vast university-business network spanning across a large part of the European Union. This process will be facilitated through participation in the Advisory Board, through Economic Forums, through cross-border conferences focusing on knowledge-transfer, and through new activities following an in-depth analysis of the cross-border regions SMARTspecializations.

Open Engagement Network

Building upon 1-3, capacity for the joint design of innovative and sustainable models for cross-border region development will be fostered by forming Open Engagement Networks (OENs) in each cross-border region with participation from CrossBorder Knowledge Creation Teams, Across curriculum
committees, the University-Business Network, artists, politicians, local authorities, cultural initiatives, and the European citizens. The results of the OENs will be instrumental in the delivery of big, continuously growing, multi-track CrossBorder Conferences taking place in one Cross-Border Region each, and in a hybrid format including the Virtual Third Place of the E-Campus and the Cross-Border Engagement Centres.
They will serve as a vitals means for political participation and engagement to promote sustainable change in cross-border regions.