Building Collaborative Leadership for Cross-Border Regions

The Across Alliance is built on a strong and long-standing cooperation between 9 universities. With contributions from nine countries, we represent most European regions and the diversity of Europe. Our cities are located in four Cross-Border Regions and include the two European Capitals of Culture 2025. Through this unique constellation, we are experienced in developing solutions for the challenges regions face in cross-border contexts and, as a European University, can create strong joint momentum for higher education, the business sector, and society.

Our News

Learning, exchange and creating new perspectives

Across Seasonal Schools 2023 in Chemnitz, Germany

Over 100 young people from nine European countries met in Chemnitz this year to take part in one of four Across Seasonal Schools. Thanks to funding from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 105 students from all Across partner institutions as well as 34 international speakers benefited from the international research exchange – a record number.

The aim of the Across Seasonal Schools is to promote academic exchange for students and researchers from European border regions, to bring researchers from different disciplines together and to help them network. This is intended to enable new perspectives and potential in research, but also in European cooperation at higher education level. With great success. On average, research enthusiasts from five Across partner institutions were involved in each Seasonal School. A colorful mix of representatives from engineering, humanities, human sciences, and social sciences enriched the academic exchange.

In addition to the lectures and group units, other activities such as museum visits, city tours, excursions, but also cinema visits and shared dinners offered stimulating variety and opportunities to get to know the region and each other in greater depth. The guests received not only logistically support from the Across Team Chemnitz, but also from the students and employees of Chemnitz University of Technology and the International Office, who helped on site.

❤️ A big thank you for the contribution and commitment of our wonderful Across students, lecturers and organizers.

Find more informations about Across Seasonal Schools here. 🌐

ACROSS Symposium in Ruse

Across delegates from several Across Universities took part in an event organized by the University of Ruse (Bulgaria) and co-organised by the university of Craiova (Romania). University representatives met representatives of chambers of commerce, educators (primary schools) and businesses to discuss means of cooperations. 

More information will follow.

10th International Staff Week in Bialystok

From May 15 to 19, 2023, ACROSS teams took part in the 10th International Staff Week in Bialystok, eastern Poland.
Topic of the week: Mobility opportunities for students, staff and researchers. The aim was to jointly discuss optimization proposals and find new ways to improve networking between educational institutions in border regions. During the Staff Week, participants had the opportunity to present their own projects as well as extensive discussions to develop connecting mobility opportunities and strategies. These valuable discussions helped to further develop existing programs and identify new initiatives to support student mobility.
The University in Bialystok proved to be an excellent host. It took the occasion to present their own internationalization projects and proudly presented insights into the regional culture and language. Further the cultural exchange was a great opportunity to understand and appreciate the diversity in the European educational landscape – a unique opportunity to get to know the ACROSS partners in depth.

Across Representatives meet with European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira

6. February 2023 Representatives from Across had an engaging discussion today with Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform, on tackling the challenges of higher education in border regions. European higher education institutions are stronger together! Across supports cross-border cooperation in education and training.

Left to right:

Maximilan Eibl (Chemnitz/Germany), Desislava Atanasova (Ruse/Bulgaria), Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, Boštjan Golob (Nova Gorica/Slovenia), Joaquín Salvi Mas (Girona/Spain)

Our Key Activities


The European Cross-Border University is built on a joint governance structure with sustainability at its heart. It focuses on the integration of resources and expertise, promotes democratic participation and decision making, foresees the needs of future management across a multitude of projects, and at the same time operates independently of project funds and project structures. Through its effective decision-making mechanisms and knowledge management structures across projects and initiatives, the European Cross-Border University is able to make important contributions to strengthening the impact of cross-border regions in Europe.

The General Assembly is at the very core of Across governance. As a democratically elected body, it guides the strategic directions of the European Cross-Border University and—through enabling hybrid participation, on-site or online, by all 110.000 members of Across—promotes a joint, European identity. Many of these bodies are already active on a provisional basis, such as the Executive Committee, the Rector’s Board, the International Student Council, a number of Ad-hoc Working Groups, and a Project Steering Committee from a joint project.


The European Cross-Border University is a digital first organization. We strongly believe that sustainability at a European Scale can only be achieved through powerful, user-centred, and innovative tools build upon state-of-the-art technologies. Due to the lack of a physical meeting place representing the
European University, an E-Campus will be developed with seamlessly integrated components for communication, learning, knowledge representation and sharing, and business engagement. The underlying technology will be based on a knowledge graph, an artificial intelligence technology allowing to represent and process arbitrary knowledge structures with application throughout the ECampus.

The E-Campus will even feature the digital Cross-Border-Engagement Centre—a Third-Place to meet after hours and to digitally attend events, such as the General Assembly together. As an alliance, we are committed to employing Open Source solutions and to providing our own solutions under an open source licencing model. The E-Campus will quickly become the digital heart of the European Cross-Border University


The European Cross-Border University aims to profoundly strengthen students and staff mobility. For this, it will develop new joint cross-border knowledge curricula, European by design, and built on the joint expertise of the Across members while taking into account the individual needs of all stakeholders in co-creation process with students, business partners, and local authorities. At the same time, several existing curricula at the member universities will be combined into multiple-degree programmes to further built on shared competencies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Data Science). All degrees by all member universities will benefit from a sustainable digital course catalogue built on existing offers, highlighting and promoting different mobility formats (long or short term; physical, blended, or virtual) also contributing to inclusive education and internationalization at home.

As part of all curricula, the development of transversal skills, such as entrepreneurship and data literacy, will be promoted to enable students to become agents of change in cross-border contexts. Here, the European Cross-Border University will follow innovative pedagogical approaches by building a repository of socalled Atomic Learning Units (brief, thematically focused digital learning segments) that can be (re)arranged into digital learning offerings making use of gamification and offering micro-credentials.


Increasing the body of knowledge on cross-border challenges through excellent research firmly rooted in Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is a major field of activities for the European Cross-Border University. Interdisciplinary trans-national knowledge creation teams focusing on the defined key areas will bring together the expertise of all member universities and direct research activities in joint avenues. They collaborate with citizens, businesses, and local authorities to devise and test sustainable models of cross-border region development.

In this, the European Cross-Border University firmly trusts in the importance of structured joint PhD programmes. For this, a joint PhD School will be created with Cotutelle-based thesis supervision within the knowledge creation teams and course offerings focusing on trans-versal and entrepreneurial skills at its heart. It will enable PhD candidates to develop the necessary skills to later take effective leadership in the development of cross-border regions


The Internship Programme will enable students to find intern-ships in the vast businessnetwork in the cross-border regions of the European Cross-Border University. The business partners of the alliance will provide students with trained Mentors supporting them to develop practical experience and grow into active agents of change. The Life-long Learning and Internship Pro-grammes will be delivered by teaching and mentoring professionals who received dedicated “teach the teacher” courses to promote their didactic expertise, thereby enabling students to take away the best for their professional careers. The European Cross-Border University will act as a bridge between higher education and the professionals from businesses in cross-border regions through Life-Long Learning and Internship Programmes.

Building on the strong network of centres of knowledge transfer and life-long learning of the alliance, the joint life-long learning programmes of Across will be developed jointly by educators and business partners. They enable active professionals to draw upon the cross-border competencies of Across and promote their set of transversal skills. Life-long learning programmes will be built upon micro credentials following .

Our Values

We work as a unit

We are united in diversity

We create experiences

We are an alliance of European universities. Building upon the
combined strengths of our cross-border regions, we create an open-minded multicultural higher education area. Through
this endeavour, we overcome borders on our path towards a
truly European University. We will reach this goal by
empowering people with different backgrounds to work
together, united and depending on each one.

We strongly believe in an educational future without borders.
Through our actions we transform our cross-border regions not by equalizing differences but by becoming more diverse ourselves. This is why we created our alliance of universities. We draw our strength from a mutual understanding of our
regional identities and its power to enable a multicultural,
diverse, and respectful coexistence and cooperation

As cross-border experts, we are mastering challenges in our
cross-border regions, enabling students to study not in our
countries, but in Europe. We create common places of lifelong learning and regional engagement helping students to realize their full potential. We create unique studying experiences within finding tools and solutions to break down barriers

Our Alliance

Bialystok University of Technology


Chemnitz University of Technology


University of Craiova


University of Girona


In the picture you can see a building in which the Rectorate of the University of Banja Luka is located.

University of Banja Luka

Bosnia and Herzegovina

University of Nova Gorica


University of Perpignan


University of Ruse


University of Udine







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